Nightlife in Lima

Nightlife in Lima centers around bars offering live folk music, jazz, and Peruvian Creole—a music that combines European musical forms with native Peruvian, Spanish, and African rhythms and instruments. Barranco, a neighbourhood with beautiful 19th-century architecture, located by the municipal square, is where the heart of the city’s contemporary arts and nightlife can be found. For evening entertainment that it is a bit more tranquil, head over to Miraflores, Lima’s central cultural district. There you will find many fine restaurants, theatres, and galleries.

If you enjoy a bit more of the arts or are looking for something a bit different to do one evening, the performing arts are great to check out. Music and plays will enlighten you as you wind down a day in this busy city. Here are a list of some theatres, bars, pubs and nightclubs in Lima to keep you entertained from dusk until dawn.

If you have a chance, you must check out the illustrious Museo de la Nacion, a gem in this city. The local performing arts scene, ballet, symphony and opera frequent here at this spot.
Museo de la Nacion
Address: Av. Javier Prado
(tel. 01/476-9875).
Teatro Segura
Address: Huancavelica 265
(tel. 01/426-7206)
This 1940’s theatre has picked up some of the slack for opera and music concerts. A great spot if you are looking for a smaller venue to enjoy the arts.
There are numerous culture events, including films and music recitals which are held every week at the following two places:
Centro Cultural Ricardo Palma
Address: Larco Herrera 770, Miraflores
(tel. 01/446-3959),
British Council
Address: Calle Alberto Lynch 110, San Isidro
(tel. 01/221-7552).
Although almost all of the local plays that you will find in Lima are in Spanish, it is still an amazing cultural opportunity to view one if possible. Two of the best theatres in Lima are the following:
Teatro Canout
Address: Av. Petit Thouars 4550, Miraflores
(tel. 01/422-5373)
Teatro Auditorio Miraflores
Address: Av. Larco 1036, Miraflores
(tel. 01/447-9378). Tickets are available at the box offices.


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