Nazca lines of Peru

Peru's Nazca lines are a series of ancient artworks strewn across a desert plateau located between the towns of Nazca and Palpa. They are as beautiful as they are mystical, but what makes them so fascinating are their unusual designs and the mystery surrounding why it is that they were created.

These lines are believe to have been created by the Nazca culture sometime between 200 BC and 700 AD. The interesting geoglyphs so symbols such as spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks and other individual figures. Some are quite simple, while others are more complex. The largest of the Nazca lines are over 200 m in length. Many debate on the significance of these lines and whether they hold some sort of religious significance to the culture reigning at that time. There are hundreds that were created as more simplistic, geometric lines. However, over 70 lines represent a more humanistic nature.

Though the actual cause of why these lines were constructed is still unknown till this present day, many believe that the Nazca people were quite religious and wanted to create these lines for the gods to see. The theory is that the Nazca people used simple tools and surveying equipment to construct the Nazca lines. With wooden stakes in the ground and ceramics used to aid in the constrution, many scholars do support this theory.

These lines were created by removing iron oxide coated pebbles which cover over the surface of the Nazca desert. When the gravel is then removed, there is a sharp contrast in the lines because of the light-colored earth that remains underneath. The lines spread out overly nearly 500 square kilometers

The lines were made by removing the iron oxide coated pebbles which cover the surface of the Nazca desert. When the gravel is removed, the lines contrast sharply with the surroundings because of the light-colored earth underneath. With a consistent and dry climate, these lines have been preserved over the many long centuries.

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