Gastronomy in Lima

Lima is famous for the quality and freshness of its seafood dishes. They are delicious and will keep you searching for new spots and new cuisine to try. Famous dishes of Lima include:


Ceviche is one of the most typical culinary specialties in Peru, with a remote and lost in time story. Elaborated with small fish pieces marinated and cooked in lemon juice, it is served with hot pepper, onion, lettuce leaves, seaweed, corn and boiled potato or yam. It is indeed a cold culinary specialty. A "ceviche mixto" is a fantastic dish to try and is named “mixto” when shellfish is added. It can also take the name of the fish or shellfish such as “ceviche of corvine”, “ceviche of sole”, “ceviche of octopus”, etc. If you want to enjoy this delight but are not too keen on hot better it is best to ask for the dish served without. Most ceviche is served with a spicy flavor.


A unique dish made with boiled and mashed yellow potato, served with lettuce leaves, pieces of country cheese, olives, corn and hard-boiled egg. It is served cold and great to enjoy with a nice cold beer on a lovely afternoon.


Anticuchos is one of the most well-known dishes of Peruvian cuisine. It is made up of pieces of beef heart which is then macerated in vinegar and spices and then threaded in cane skewers. It is grilled and served hot. Eat this delicious dish with corn, yam or potato boiled with hot pepper sauce. In the popular neighbourhoods it is frequent to see the "anticucheras" in walking carts that prepare and sell the anticuchos outdoors. Many of these sellers can also be found serving the yummy Peruvian dessert " picarones ".

Carapulcra of Lima:

There are varieties of how this dish can be prepared and is usually found in the town of Chinca. This is a culinary specialty prepared with dried potato, pork and chicken meat, hot pepper, garlic, clove, olives, toasted peanuts, cumin, basil, onion and sweet wine. It is served with grained rice.

Cau Cau:

This is a Creole dish prepared with tripes, potato, onion, hot pepper, garlic, mint, parsley and lemon juice. It is served with grained rice and has a unique flavor and interesting texture.

Soft Drinks

Chicha Morada:

This is a lovely refreshment elaborated with water in which a variety of purple corn is boiled. Sugar, lemon juice, pineapple and small pieces of chopped fruit are then added. You will find that most restaurants serve this beverage as part of their daily menu.


Mazamorra Morada:

This is the most traditional dessert found in Lima. The texture is similar to a pudding, but it is prepared with water. Purple corn is boiled with sugar, clove, cinnamon, quince, pineapple, "guindas" (kind of cherries), "orejones" (dried peaches), potato starch, yam flour and lemon juice. Many restaurants serve this dessert as part of their daily menu.

Suspiro de Limeña:

This is a fabulous dessert elaborated with "blancmange" (prepared with sweetened milk) and then covered with syrup and meringue.


If you are a donut lover than Picarones are the dessert for you. This donut-like dessert is prepared with yam or squash flours. You then add cinnamon, anisette and salt to give it its unique taste. The dough is formed into the shape of rings or other shapes done by the " picaroneras " (people who prepare this dessert) and fried in hot oil. This delicious dessert is then served with syrup and prepared with Chancaca (made of sugar cane). As with anticuchos, it is frequent to see walking carts of " picaroneras " in the popular neighborhoods and areas with a great public concentration. Picarones are often served for dessert following the anticuchos.


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