A day in Lima

There is no doubt that one of the highlights of spending time in Lima is the delicious and unique food that will keep you ever expectant for the next meal. Beginning your day with a full stomach and a savory meal will start you off in high gear as you head out into the city.

Head over to Haiti, located in Parque Central in Miraflores and enjoy a decadent breakfast or a hot cappuccino before you make your way out into the metropolis. Served by friendly waiters in bow-ties, this charming restaurant will bring a smile to your face during the early morning. Once you have had your morning fill, head over to the main Plaza de Armas, which is where you will find most other tourists making their first stop. Sit and gaze at the Palacio de Gobierno where Peru’s president currently resides and watch as the locals pass by selling authentic knick-knacks and gifts alike.La Catedral is not too far away and is an inspiring place to stop at mid-morning. With the remains of Spanish explorer Francisco Pizarro as its selling point, many overlook the other 15 chapels that surround this overwhelming cathedral and the authentic beauty that you will find while discovering it.

Once lunchtime hits, eat like the locals and head over to one of the best cevicherias in town, Alfresco. This restaurant serves up just what the doctor ordered with a variety of seafood selections and ceviche like you have never tasted before. Located in San Isidro, Alfresco offers stunning views of the ocean and adds to the whole experience of dining out in Peru. From there, hop into an inexpensive taxi and make your way over to one of the fine museums in Lima, Museo de la Nacion. This museum is astounding with displays of artefacts and art dating back thousands of years. You can wander for hours taking in the fascinating stories of the pre-incas all the way up to the Spanish Inquistion.

With the afternoon winding down and a bit of shopping is left hanging on the brain, you may want to check out one of the swankest malls in Lima. The Centro Commercial Larcomar, located in Miraflores, is home to all of the best shops around. Anything you need, you can find here and may even stop to rest your feet and enjoy one of the delicious coffees found inside one of the cute cafes. With views of the Pacific Ocean located here, best to take your time while browsing and gaze out at the sun as it sets over the ocean. With dinnertime looming about, treat yourself to the elegant La Rosa Nautica. Though this first class restaurant is a bit pricey, it is well worth the service, decadent cuisine and illuminating ambience. Choose from a range of dishes that complement all tastes and cravings with elegant décor to match its uptown style.

Now that the sun has set and the evening vibes are kicking in, it is time to head over to Gotica, one of Lima’s best dance clubs. This hip and trendy club draws locals and tourists alike. With a church-like structure banging out electronic music of all varieties, the sights and sounds of this bouncing club will keep you dancing till dawn. Best to get some restful sleep though. Tomorrow is another day with more to explore and to experience in the fantastic and cultured city of Lima.


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